Strategic Planning & Training

Planning for large-scale enterprise spatial systems integration projects & Efficient and effective transfer of the knowledge necessary for the client's successful ongoing GIS effort

Strategy & Technical Project Management

Understand requirements, address all stakeholders needs, reduce risk, get to market faster

Farallon provides comprehensive strategic consulting and technical project management services, including:

  • Spatial data and GIS needs assessments
  • GIS systems assessment and troubleshooting
  • GIS systems architecting, implementation planning and management
  • Needs Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Implementation Planning
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Workflow Development
Business Process Analysis

Business Process Analysis

Quantify the return on investment for GIS

To support large-scale enterprise spatial systems integration projects, Farallon also provides business process analysis services to quantify the return on investment (ROI), revenue stream generation, and cost center modeling required to determine the optimum degree of systems integration. Our Business Process analysis capabilities emphasize quantifying the economic impact of workflow re-engineering and improved staff utilization.

Flexible Training for GIS Clients

Enable our clients to self-reliantly manage their own geodata and applications

Farallon develops and delivers comprehensive hands-on training that is both flexible and customized. Our training is not typically product or time specific but specific to custom GIS end-user workflows or a GIS application development.

We meet our customer’s training goals via a workflow centric approach. This workflow-focused approach allows our customers to utilize training as a way to “jumpstart” efficient uses of GIS technology tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our training methodology also provides practical course content that is critical to the successful implementation of any GIS solution. The delivered course content also becomes a redeemable GIS asset for the organization. The goal is an efficient and effective transfer of the knowledge necessary for the client’s successful ongoing GIS effort.

Strategic Planning & Training
ESRI authorized trainer Alexei Peters

Process-Oriented Training Workflows

Our training process begins before any training class takes place. The Farallon trainer interviews the students to understand corporate needs and goals. Based on these interviews we develop an agenda to meet customer specific requirements. Farallon then requests customer data and utilizes it in the development of lab exercises for the training class. Student evaluations and post training follow-up have shown that our customer’s success with GIS has increased when customer data is combined with process-oriented training workflows.

Farallon provides custom training courses in GIS software including ESRI, Autodesk, Intergraph and Oracle. Custom training courses are tailored to your organization’s learning objectives. Classes can be any length and may be held at the Farallon/CiBER corporate training center in San Francisco or your onsite location.

For complete information regarding location, dates, description, topics, audience, prerequisites, registration, fees, accommodations, transportation, and agendas for classes offered at either the CiBER Corporate Training Center in San Francisco, California, or your onsite location, call us at (415) 227-1140


  • Intergraph
  • Oracle
  • Autodesk