Property & Parcel Review / Notification

Reduce time, errors, and costs managing parcel-related information

Property Review, Notification and Parcel Management GIS

Streamline access to parcel-related information, consolidate maps, eliminate duplication

Properties or parcels are the most basic “business elements” in a County or City. Every day, planners, assessors, public works, fire, police, elections officials, school districts, and many other county/city personnel need access to parcel maps and related information such as addresses, related permits, maps, documents, tax rate areas, voter precincts, relation to flood zones and other natural hazards, etc.

Property Review GIS Web Application

Farallon’s property review application allows local governments to:

  • Organize data by natural relationships rather than by application use
  • Support distributed computing by many individuals or departments for sharing spatial data through a variety of different applications
  • Eliminate/reduce data replication and simplify data security necessary to provide data to several different departments and external non-County users
  • Assign ownership of data by user for operational purposes and allow departmental users to act as custodians of specific data layers in the interest of the organization

The result is that departments experience more efficient operations, better management of county resources, streamlined tax collection, enhanced coordination between departments, and significantly improved service to the community. This reduces the cost of doing business and improves revenue flow to the County/City.

Reduce time locating information

GIS web applications make property information available to those who need it

property and parcel review and notification
Locate properties by address, owner name, or assessor parcel number.

A GIS solution can identify properties using a specified set of size and land use (zoning type) criteria. You can perform queries using a combination of the following: minimum lot size, maximum lot size, land value, structure value, land use, and zoning.


  • Better track parcel information for more accurate valuations and faster appeals.
  • More quickly capture new parcels and assign Assessor’s Parcel Numbers (APNs).
  • Speed up the issuance of building permits for developers and cities.
  • Automate tedious functions that were previously done manually
    – Automatic calculation of areas
    – Revision Block Automation
    – Map Output Automation
  • Provide easier access to parcel maps over the web or in customized applications
  • Utilize spatial queries, overlay functions and graphics of GIS

Property Notification GIS Web Application

Using a property notification GIS, users click on a property to automatically generate a buffer zone and generate mailing labels in less than 20 minutes

An automated property notification solution will save hundreds of staff hours – real savings by using GIS to better manage this daily task. The notification GIS identifies properties within a specified buffer zone around that property. It then automatically locates names and addresses and then generates and prints mailing labels

Time from start to finish: about 20 minutes (versus 3-4 hours).

In addition, all notification lists are created on the GIS system, allowing a much greater degree of accuracy in identifying property within the required notification area, insuring that there are no legal notification snafus.