Tulare County Enterprise Addressing System



Like many municipalities, the County of Tulare has compiled a vast amount of critical address data but on a variety of non-uniform formats. These needed to be consolidated and reconciled under a common interface in order to mitigate errors, conflicts, and redundancies in the data. The County partnered with Farallon to develop and implement an integrated Enterprise Master Address Database / Repository, Address Management System and Address Maintenance System that will support business processes for all departments of the County government. This central database system, also known as an Enterprise Addressing System (EAS), needed to link every building address within the County to specific parcels, street segments, individual buildings, and other significant events to create necessary and effective network connectivity between related datasets.


Using Open Source technologies, Farallon created a custom Enterprise Addressing System (EAS) for the County allowing easy access for authorized users to add, edit, and retire geospatially referenced addresses in conformance with the enterprise-wide data validation rules and procedures. Working closely with the County, Farallon designed and tailored the capabilities of the Master Address Database / Repository, database schema, address maintenance workflow, and web services to best support the integration of the various municipal departments’ business systems. As part of the address maintenance workflow, a selected set of users are given the administrative authority to review, audit, and finalize all edits to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of any edits made. Special features of the EAS include:

  • Integration with ESRI ArcGIS Online Basemap
  • A script to migrate address data from the EAS into the County’s Esri database (using the LGIM data model)
  • Quick and easy to use text-based search box
  • Direct and precise navigation for address location
  • Intuitive digitizing and margining processes
  • Ability to dynamically manage, monitor, and update relationships between addresses, parcels, and street segments, as this data is constantly changing over time

By providing more reliable spatial data with the advent of this EAS application, Farallon has helped modernize municipal planning in the County. The new master address database will enable more accurate property tax assessments, asset management, zoning, construction and redevelopment planning, and precise environmental analysis, all allowing the County’s future projects and endeavors to be more cost-effective.

Screenshots & Videos

Address selection and view interface with parcel number and address data displayed in vector format

Example of the easy-to-use address search toolbar.

Thorough address selection and view interface displaying parcel number and full address data with aerial imagery.