Town of Danville Property Review Application


Client: Town of Danville


The Town of Danville’s 10-yr old GIS used a proprietary design and data structure that could only integrate with legacy APIs. Existing property review and property notification applications built on this GIS were not scalable and could not be integrated with modern mapping services or other Town data systems such as permitting and document management. These technical limitations prevented the Town from fully leveraging its GIS investment.


Farallon built a new web-based property review application to query and display property ownership, taxation, and jurisdiction information on a map to allow staff the ability to quickly and easily access property data.

The legacy GIS database was first updated to Oracle 10g Express and all existing data was transferred. This GIS data is now in a standards-compliant database that allows a variety of software to integrate, including Open Source applications.

Using Farallon’s flexible and cost effective framework along with the new database, Farallon designed and deployed a web-based property review application with a simple, easy to use interface. The application is compliant with open standards and uses Open Source technologies including GeoServer and OpenLayers. It utilizes Google Maps imagery for base map data. It can be expanded to add functionalities such as property notification, permit management and business licensing. The user interface can easily integrate with proprietary GIS technology such as ESRI.

By improving access to critical information, Farallon and the Town have dramatically improved the ability of personnel to respond to citizens’ requests for information and guidance while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Screenshots & Videos

Town of Danville Property Review Application
Town of Danville Property Review Application