TKT STPR iPhone & Android App helps avoid parking tickets in San Francisco

Ticket Stopper for iPhone and Android


General Eyeballs was in process of developing an iPhone & Android application to help drivers avoid parking tickets in San Francisco as well as other major urban centers. No central database of citywide parking regulations and restrictions in San Francisco existed so one had to be created that could intelligently integrate sophisticated spatial and non-spatial data.


Farallon Geographics integrated a variety of data sources from the City of San Francisco including point datasets for parking meter locations and non-spatial (i.e. tabular) datasets such as time restrictions and street cleaning schedules.  Given all the curvy, hilly and diagonal streets in San Francisco, Farallon developed sophisticated geospatial processing techniques using FME Workbench and QGIS to populate a PostGIS database, to correctly position all the data on the right street segment and on the correct side of the street.

TKT STPR displays a Google map of the area around you from which you confirm the block parked on. The app then employs its comprehensive knowledge of parking regulations and restrictions to set alarms so that you can avoid a wide array of parking ticket violations ranging from street sweeping and expired parking meters to residential parking zone time limits, incline parking, and more. TKT STPR also allows you to browse the area around a destination to find free or cheaper street parking.

TKT STPR is currently available for San Francisco as a free download from the iTunes Store at: with additional cities to be added soon.

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TKT STPR iPhone & Android App helps avoid parking tickets in San Francisco