San Mateo County Assessor/County Clerk/Recorder Business Process Analysis

San Mateo County Assessor/County Clerk/Recorder Business Process Analysis


San Mateo County has deployed an enterprise-wide geographic information system (GIS)
that allows multiple departments to manage and access a single Oracle Spatial
warehouse. The County Assessor – Recorder (CARE) is in the unique position of
being the procedural origin for much of the information that is input into county
systems. Many of the recorded documents directly support spatial data management
processes. CARE also believed that many recorder transactions could be improved
or automated using spatial data and spatial analysis. Farallon was tasked with
developing an implementation plan that detailed how the process of recording
specific documents could be improved and how the recording process could be
extended to support other county processes using county spatial data.


Farallon approached the project by first conducting research and interviews to fully identify and understand current recorder processes and documents that have a relationship to the County’s spatial data assets.

Secondly, Farallon initiated and managed an executive level working group, comprised of senior members of key County departments. The working group identified the most high priority documents, developed high-level document life-cycle processes and defined detailed lifecycle processes for the highest priority recorded documents.

Lastly, Farallon developed and presented the Implementation Plan Report and documentation including large format diagrams (developed using MS Visio) of high-level and detailed processes. Additionally, presentation materials were developed for use in communicating results to key stakeholders within the County.

The plan recommendations will improve the County’s revenue collection timeframe and ability to forecast annual revenue streams