MTC StreetSaver PMS-GIS scalable web application

StreetSaver PMS GIS scalable web app

Client: Sonoma County


Sonoma County had worked with Farallon to integrate their GIS with Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s (MTC) StreetSaver pavement management system (PMS) software. With the integration staff could generate linked tabular resports and visual maps that detailed pavement condition and maintenance information. MTC wanted to make the GIS-PMS integrative tools more widely accessible, and asked Farallon to create a web-based solution that would be initially implemented by Sonoma County and later extended to other Bay Area jurisdictions


Farallon designed and deployed a custom web-based application (SonomaMap) which displays each Streetsaver tabular report along with a map that highlights corresponding street sections. The accessible interface allows users to select among several reports. For example, the current pavement condition index (PCI) allows the user to easily view the entire street network’s PCI by street functional class. Other reports summarize maintenance history, inspection history, and active scenarios for any section of pavement. Reports can also be customized based upon user specified criteria, such as treatment type, year, and functional class.

To ensure that the web application could scale to accommodate other Bay Area jurisdictions, Farallon implemented a web services-based architecture using open standards XML to distribute data across the network. A web services approach allows the user components to evolve as users’ needs change or expand, without having to adjust the underlying framework that accesses the GIS or PMS information.

This flexibility also enables completely new functionality to be added without making changes to the fundamental architecture. For example SonomaMap could be integrated with a 311 system, allowing citizens to have direct access to government services. It could also be integrated with a utility management application to better coordinate street and utility maintenance activities.