MTC SAFE’s Bay Area Freeway Service Patrol fleet management evaluation


Client: MTC SAFE’s Freeway Service Patrol


MTC SAFE’s Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) Program is responsible for monitoring the locations of its tow service trucks to verify that they are available when needed. FSP uses an Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) system that allows the California Highway Patrol to verify that tow service trucks are at their designated locations. The FSP needed a comprehensive diagnosis of their existing telecommunications network, especially the AVL system.


Farallon Geographics was engaged to examine the current software, provide diagnosis, make recommendations for technical and logistical improvements, and to develop and implement a fleet management program.

  • Conducted interviews with FSP’s management, technical staff and tow fleet crew.
  • On-site review with each of MTC Safe’s partners (CHP, Caltrans, and MTC) to review their requirements.
  • Reviewed similar programs from around the country.
  • Performed a technical analysis of the AVL / telecommunications network.

Farallon issued a formal report to document FSP’s systems, business processes, best practices from other programs, and perceived limitations of the program. A fleet management workflow was prepared to assist the FSP and its partner agencies to define their roles and responsibilities in order to deliver improved and more efficient services to Bay Area stranded motorists. Farallon is also assisting the FSP to define its functional requirements for a new AVL application. Farallon will initially act as Fleet Manager to help FSP and its partners to integrate the AVL system with their external incident management systems.