Moulton Niguel W District Strategic Plan

molten niguel water district treatment project

Client: Moulton Niguel Water District


Moulton Niguel Water District needed a plan for creating an integrated enterprise GIS to simplify office functions related to operating its water, recycled water and wastewater services. The District wanted to prioritize its goals and budgets over a three year time frame.


Farallon’s GIS Strategic Plan provides the District with comprehensive and flexible enterprise GIS architecture, governance structure, data development and maintenance plan, staff training plan, and overall budget forecast for implementation of the system. The plan details the return on investment and specific deployment steps necessary.

Farallon interviewed technical and business representatives throughout the District. Existing geospatial technologies, data structures and workflows were reviewed and analyzed.

Strategic initiatives to improve the quality and timeliness of geodata have been implemented. System data editing workflows for water, recycled water and waste water are now streamlined. Data accuracy has been improved. Updates to the database from field operations are timelier. Significant reduction in the cost of data management has been achieved.

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Moulton Niguel Water District Strategic Plan