City of Menlo Park integrates ESRI GIS with StreetSaver PMS


Client: City of Menlo Park


The City of Menlo Park wanted the their Enterprise GIS (ArcSDE/ArcGIS/SQL) data to be dynamically shared with a StreetSaver pavement management database with live links between the two.


Farallon integrated MTC’s StreetSaver v.8 pavement management software with ESRI’s ArcSDE/ArcGIS software on an enterprise SQL Server database. In order to provide a high level of automation and integration, Farallon and the City incorporated the City’s existing street data into a linear network and defined a new data model, linking procedures, and database views to provide a live-link between PMS and GIS. In addition, Farallon provided the City with support for the setup of StreetSaver, as well as training and documentation.