GIS Integration with Pavement Management System Allows Town of Danville to Visualize Pavement Data

GIS Integration with Pavement Management System Allows Town of Danville to Visualize Pavement Data

Client: Town of Danville


The Town of Danville uses MTC’s StreetSaver Online Pavement Management System (PMS) to store and analyze the condition of the Town road network and to define and adjust maintenance treatments and costs.

Engineering technicians enter information about specific stretches of roads into StreetSaver Online, allowing the software to calculate relevant measures of the street’s pavement condition. These calculations are used to assess the quality of the Town’s streets and to allocate pavement maintenance budgets.

While StreetSaver is a powerful pavement management tool, its output is limited to forms and tabular reports. Town Engineers recognized that presenting the results of their analyses on maps would be a much better way to visualize results, allowing both managers and technicians to see where maintenance efficiencies might be gained. However, StreetSaver and the Town’s Intergraph Geomedia Geographic Information System (GIS) were not linked and contained different types of data.

To display road condition information, Town managers printed out hard copy maps from the GIS and then manually highlighted problem areas that were identified based upon StreetSaver database printouts.

Linking and dynamically integrating the GIS and StreetSaver would be necessary to create maps that could show both detailed street maps and pavement condition and maintenance information.


Farallon Geographics retrieved Town pavement data from StreetSaver Online as a Microsoft Access database. Through data modeling and testing, dynamic views were created that allowed the information in the GIS to be shared with the StreetSaver database. Tools in Intergraph’s Geomedia were used to develop dynamic segmentation procedures to render StreetSaver information to the GIS. The segmentation of the streets into paving sections is done dynamically using the StreetSaver database at the time the user requests the information so that the two datasets never get out of sync.

Farallon trained Town staff on how to download their StreetSaver data and reports as Microsoft Access databases and render their data over the dynamically segmented street network in Intergraph Geomedia.  Using Farallon’s integrated GIS and PMS, Town staff could quickly map StreetSaver information into the GIS and perform spatial analysis, allowing them to quickly create maps showing the extent of distressed streets.