Fairfield Suisun Sewer District Water Utility Enterprise GIS and RDBMS

Fairfield Suisun Sewer District Water Utility Enterprise GIS and RDBMS


Fairfield Suisun Sewer District (FSSD) had been using GIS for years to manage its pipeline assets. Recently, FSSD staff realized that new GIS software and interoperability standards presented an opportunity for GIS to better support the business objectives of many of its departments, yet they required the expertise of an enterprise GIS integrator to effectively design and implement a comprehensive enterprise GIS. In particular, FSSD needed a customized relational database management system (RDBMS) to provide the infrastructure necessary to manage and distribute data to users throughout the enterprise.

A second goal of this project was to build an ‘early win’ web application that could demonstrate to multiple departments the power of a well-maintained, enterprise-level spatial database.


Farallon developed a streamlined GIS needs assessment and crafted a business case for enterprise GIS specifically for the FSSD. This effort directed FSSD and Farallon efforts in the development of GIS technology, geodata, workflows, and staffing approach for the enterprise GIS. The initial GIS design and implementation included the development of a water utility data model, a populated geodatabase (developed using ESRI’s ArcSDE and ArcGIS), and specific GIS workflows designed to ensure that FSSD’s network administrators and GIS staff were comfortable managing the enterprise GIS.

To demonstrate the ability of the newly established geodatabase to support FSSD’s departmental business objectives, Farallon developed a geospatial web portal that consolidated specific GIS applications (such as property review and notification), metadata, workflows, and standards into a single, web-based environment, available to all staff.