City of Fairfield Master Address Database Development and Integration with Enterprise GIS


Client: City of Fairfield


City of Fairfield departments develop independent address lists and databases, or maintain addresses in proprietary applications, such as asset management systems, computerized maintenance management systems, document management systems, or financial systems. Inevitably, this results in many address lists within the County, each of which tracks addresses with varying formats, degrees of accuracy, currency, and completeness.


Farallon is developing a comprehensive Master Address Database within the City of Fairfield’s GIS geodatabase. Our address schema allows addresses data to be integrated with and spatial linked to the City’s core basemap features, including parcels, street centerlines, and building outlines.

The Master Address Database is designed to streamline address maintenance activities, and will support both browser-based and GIS application based workflows. A core requirement of the Master Address Database is to ensure the critical applications such as the City’s Emergency Dispatching (911), permitting, and law enforcement applications can each rely on authoritative, current, and spatially accurate address data.

The address database is deployed within the City’s ESRI ArcGIS Server platform.