Davis County, Utah Enterprise Parcel Database and Web Application Development

Client: Davis County Utah


Although Davis County has used GIS for over a decade, until recently, its data was confined to complicated file-based GIS formats. Only the County’s GIS specialists had access to the spatial data and non-GIS users required a specialist’s support to use the information. The County, understanding that its GIS data wasn’t useful if it was inaccessible to its employees, wanted to establish an enterprise geodatabase to “unlock” its GIS data and improve its accessibility throughout County departments.


Teaming up with Farallon, the County developed an enterprise parcel geodatabase and began using GIS data in ways that would support the County. The first project was to use retrieved parcel and address data to create a website capable of delivering spatial property review information via an intranet.

Farallon first had to consolidate property information from multiple data sources including an Oracle database, a mainframe database/application, and several SQL Server databases. Designing a Land Information System (LIS) database (a GIS that houses only land-related data), Farallon established access to the County’s disparate databases while supporting the County’s unique property management workflows. Since one of the County’s primary challenges was opening their GIS to non-GIS specialists it was important for the new applications to be user-friendly with minimal training. Farallon, therefore, developed a web portal that displays the consolidated geospatial information and applications into a single intuitive web-based interface. Users can access metadata, workflows, standards, and personnel resources related to the GIS.

With the geodatabase built and accessible, Farallon designed and deployed a web-based property review application that merges property ownership, taxation, and jurisdiction information from several county databases. With the property review application, all personnel can access property data from their desktops for the first time. By improving access to critical information, Farallon and Davis County have dramatically improved the ability of personnel to respond to citizens’ requests for information and guidance.