City of Oakland, CA Enterprise GIS and Master Address Database Development

Oakland uses orthophotography & enterprise GIS for parcel management and economic analysis


The City of Oakland wanted to improve the efficiency, automation and integration of its location-based data, improve the usefulness and accuracy of its existing parcel data, and develop an enterprise geodatabase to expand city services.


Farallon’s technical team built an enterprise-scale parcel database using spatially accurate orthophotographs (aerial photographs in which the relief displacement has been removed so that ground features are displayed in their true ground position). This allows for the direct measurement of distance, areas, angles, and positions, which is particularly valuable in hilly and irregular environments such as Oakland. In just six months, the Farallon team also implemented a master address database (MAD), providing the City with a comprehensive inventory of the City’s addresses.

By implementing a new spatially-oriented parcel basemap and MAD, Farallon could then tie in other primary outside data sources including the Alameda County’s Assessor’s property database (contains land use and property values) and Oakland’s permit tracking database. The integrated databases allow various City departments to communicate and share more accurate data. By linking parcels to spatial information, City users can now visualize data overlaid on maps. Immediate returns on investment include the automation and increased accuracy of its property notification process as well as improved accuracy of the street and address data used by E-911 dispatch.