City of Chula Vista uses dynamic segmentation to render StreetSaver information to the GIS

GIS Integration with Pavement Management System Allows Town of Danville to Visualize Pavement Data

Client: City of Chula Vista


The City of Chula Vista wanted the information in their ArcSDE GIS to be shared with a StreetSaver database.


Farallon integrated ESRI’s ArcSDE with a Microsoft SQL server database and StreetSaver v.8. Through data modeling and testing, dynamic views were created that allowed the information in the GIS to be shared with the StreetSaver database. Tools in ESRI’s ArcGIS were used to develop dynamic segmentation procedures to render StreetSaver information to the GIS. The segmentation of the streets into paving sections is done dynamically using the StreetSaver database post mile data at the time the user requests the information so the two datasets remain in sync.