Caltrans PEAR-STEVE Systems Evaluation

Pear Caltrans GIS

Client: Caltrans


The California Department of Transportation (“Caltrans”), Division of Environmental Analysis (DEA) required a comprehensive system requirements evaluation for two projects: the Preliminary Environmental Analysis Report (PEAR) tool and the Standard Tracking and Exchange Vehicle for Environmental System (STEVE) project.

The PEAR-Tool will automate the currently manual process of collecting and reviewing data for the environmental review process. These tasks include project initiation, preliminary review, budgetary estimation, and project management.

The STEVE project will create a library of current and historical environmental documentation. The library will automate the storage and retrieval of environmental-related data as needed for current and future work, avoiding redundancy in effort and streamlining the many portions of the environmental review process.


The DEA engaged Farallon Geographics to perform a comprehensive system requirements evaluation of the PEAR-Tool and STEVE projects to determine how these applications should be designed and implemented to best meet the business needs of the DEA. Farallon prepared a detailed System Requirements Specification report that documents the programs’ functional and non-functional system requirements, use studies, interview data, and the perceived limitations of the program.

The following tasks were performed to collect appropriate data and gain an understanding of the various processes, responsibilities, and staff required to prepare, review, and document the environmental review-related process statewide:

    • Staff interviews, Joint Application Development sessions
    • Use case development
    • Functional and non-functional requirements
    • Project assumptions and constraints
    • Fit criteria
    • Final System Requirement Specification

The final System Requirement Specification delivered by Farallon will be utilized in subsequent projects to design and implement the PEAR-Tool and STEVE applications.