Bureau of Indian Affairs Land Management System

Bureau of Indian Affairs Land Management System

Client: Bureau of Indian Affairs


The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Division of Real Estate Services (Realty), in Sacramento manages all land held in trust for California Indian Tribes. Realty’s primary function is managing title records as well assisting with the regulation and oversight of trust land natural resources. The Pacific Regional Office needed to develop and deploy a working land management system that would support business needs and leverage partnerships with other Federal Agencies and Indian tribes on a very aggressive timeframe – Farallon was contracted under the stipulation that the enterprise GIS system would be properly built and implemented from the ground up within 3 months.

Security was a critical component to ensure compliance with strict tribal data management requirements since Farallon was selected to design, develop and implement the enterprise GIS system including a web portal.


Farallon prepared an expedited implementation plan that included the design, build, and installation of a custom ArcSDE geodatabase on Oracle 9i, an ArcIMS-based web-portal including a property review application, and strategic consulting and support for the GIS enterprise development within 3 months of contract signing. In parallel with the enterprise GIS implementation, Farallon led the development of an IT Security Plan in accordance with the Department of Interior’s Major Application (MA) Security Guidelines and Mandates.

The GIS integrates diverse geo-data from a number of federal, state, and local sources to describe the extent, ownership, and use of Indian Nation lands within California and western Nevada. The project represents the development of the state’s first enterprise-wide GIS to manage Indian lands, and demands a high degree of GIS data accuracy, versioning and auditing, and system security. Within this expedited implementation schedule, Farallon developed a property review application that enables BIA staff integrated access to data vital to support the mission and objectives of the Sacramento Office BIA.

The project was successfully implemented within the aggressive 3-month schedule.