Bay Area Air Quality Management District ESRI-based Enterprise GIS

Bay Area Air Quality GIS

Client: Bay Area Air Quality Management District


The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (“BAAQMD”) is responsible for maintaining air quality standards within the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties. The Community Air Risk Evaluation (CARE) program was established to assess the health risks associated with exposure to high concentrations of toxic air contaminants (TACs). To come up with a strategy to reduce risk to Bay Area residents, CARE needed an efficient means of analyzing large volumes of data including census demographics, point of interest sites (hospitals, schools, etc.), healthcare records, TAC levels, weather patterns, and point source data such as refinery locations and toxin output levels.


Since BAAQMD’s data is strongly location-based, Farallon recommended developing and implementing an enterprise-class GIS. The Enterprise GIS easily supports multiple users and provides a central repository for sharing data across the organization, eliminating costly data redundancy.  Farallon built the enterprise geodatabase with ESRI’s ArcGIS 9.1 and ArcSDE 9.1 using an Oracle 9i database backend. Farallon also provided on-site training and developed workflows to guide CARE staff through the data analysis process.