Army Corp of Engineers projects analyzed by congressional district

Client: Army Corp of Engineers



The Army Corp of Engineers is the nation’s primary federal engineering agency and is responsible for hazardous waste clean-ups, military ordnance/ explosive clean-up, the construction and maintenance of reservoirs and dams, emergency response and other public services throughout the U.S. Within just California, Arizona and Nevada there are hundreds of active projects, each associated with a specific congressional representative. The ACOE needed an effective way of visualizing these projects by congressional district while tracking and managing each projects’ budgetary and sponsorship information/ data.


Farallon created a web-based application built with ESRI’s ArcIMS that maps each project and makes it easy to drill down for project-specific information. The web interface provides quick access to all projects specific to the CA-AZ-NV region. An ACOE user simply uses the mouse to draw an area on the map and retrieve a list of all current projects in that selected area. They can then select a particular project to view a pop-up fact sheet containing a synopsis of the project, its budgetary goals by fiscal year, its congressional representative and a link to the representative’s website. Projects can also be visually categorized and selected by congressional district or by watershed region.
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