LGIM For Local and Municipal Government GIS

Take advantage of off-the-shelf applications and software longevity

LGIM Enables You to Use Commercial Off-the-Shelf Applications for City and County Government GIS

Make it easier, faster and cheaper to leverage Esri ArcGIS maps and application templates for state and local governments as well as Esri-compatible 3rd party applications

Esri LGIM (Local Government Information Model) is a generic, mature, well documented data model, web services and map components that can integrate with any tool that is compatible with Esri ArcGIS. For state and local governments, migrating to the LGIM can be an affordable, forward thinking solution and makes available a wide range of Esri and Esri compatible off-the-shelf applications.

We Help You Successfully Migrate to LGIM and Configure it to Your Needs

  • LGIM Strategic Planning – We help you develop a strategic plan that helps you justify a move to LGIM
  • LGIM Migration –  We help you migrate from your custom legacy database to LGIM
  • LGIM Configuration – We configure the LGIM to meet specific business needs in your organization.
  • Tool Customization – We help you customize the web services and tools that Esri provides as well as 3rd party tools so you get the best off-the-shelf technology customized to your specific needs
  • Application Integration – We sync existing applications such as an Enterprise Addressing System to LGIM.  We can then integrate these  applications with other off-the-shelf Esri tools.  For example we can bridge the gap between addresses of buildings and permits.

Reference Installations:

City of Berkeley
City of Foster City
Town of Danville

Custom GIS Data Models vs LGIM

If you work in a local or municipal government and you have only 1 or 2 applications that you will ever need for GIS (parcel management and notification for example) then a custom, specialized application built on top of a custom GIS data model may be your best choice.  You have all the features you want and the data is exactly in the format you need. But what happens when you want to integrate your custom application with another service. Or what happens if you want add on new functionality using the latest off-the-shelf application?

With each change, the underlying data model either needs to be updated and all the information reprocessed or the new application or service needs to be customized to understand your current data model.  Either solution will be complex, time-consuming and expensive. This is a core reason why state and local government services can feel “behind-the-times”. In many cases, migrating to LGIM can help solve this problem.

We Help You Configure LGIM For:

  • Land Use Records, Notifications & Tax Parcels
  • Public Services (water, sewage, electric, gas)
  • Water, Waste, Electric, Gas
  • Public Spaces (parks, beaches, public facilities and grounds)

  • Transportation infrastructure (roads, railroads, bridges, pipelines, canals, ports, airports)
  • Fire Service, Law Enforcement & Emergency Management
  • Telecommunications