What’s the key to successful sport fishing?  Well the most important thing is location – knowing where to go to fish for the kind of fish you want. While Yelp may be great for finding the best restaurants near you, it doesn’t do so well in helping you find the best fishing spots.

ReelSonar is a hardware and software company that specializes in helping anglers find fish more efficiently. Their iBobber device and app helps you locate fish via sonar once you have found the perfect fishing hole.  Now, Farallon Geographics and Reelsonar have partnered to create NetFish, a social mobile app available on iOS and Android that guides anglers (amateur or professional) on when, where and what fish to catch on waterways near them.

Together, Farallon and ReelSonar are using GIS and mobile to change the way people fish by spending less time planning and more time fishing. See the NetFish promotional video.


Use GIS and mobile to find fishing

GIS database reads end-user GPS coordinates and returns back a list of the closets fishing hotspots. Users can filter and sort based on type of fish, boating facilities, best times to fish, and equipment needed.