San Francisco — Farallon Geographics is working with the City of Foster City to migrate their legacy GIS system from MapGuide 6.5 to Esri LGIM. Farallon is responsible for the planning, project management, data migration, a complete high-performance installation, and staff training.

For the City, migrating to LGIM offers an affordable, forward thinking solution that gives them immediate access to a wide range of Esri and Esri-compatible off-the-shelf applications built for local governments. The costs are predictable and the LGIM data model is mature, standardized and well-documented.

As the first step in the migration, Farallon will install an ArcGIS Server as a central data repository and create a City database using Microsoft SQL Server and the LGIM Database Schema.

Farallon will simultaneously partner with municipal staff to define ETL (extract, transform, and load) “mappings” of the City’s database of more than 100 feature classes. Based on these mappings, Farallon will write scripts to migrate data into the LGIM schema.

By storing their data in the well documented and standard LGIM data model, many applications and services become immediately useable – everything from great-looking basemaps that provide consistent geographic context across local government departments and agencies, to departmental specific web applications.

The migration will support off-the-shelf Esri Web applications and customized workflows for:

  • Community Services Department (i.e. Planning)
  • Public Works
  • Water Distribution
  • Fire and Emergency Management
  • Police
  • Parks and Rec
  • Community Development

These applications, in turn, can be configured to fit the City’s specific requirements. Farallon will then train City IT staff how to develop time-efficient ArcGIS workflows and effectively use the web applications and integrate with other non-GIS systems.

Said Adam Lodge, Senior GIS Developer at Farallon Geographics “LGIM is very well suited for municipal agencies that understand that their geodatabase needs to be more than just shapefiles within an SQL Server, but do not have the time or specialized skills to properly design, maintain and update a custom, enterprise data model from the ground up.”

Farallon has previously implemented LGIM solutions for several other California municipalities including City of Berkeley, Town of Danville, City of Walnut Creek and Tulare County. These LGIM implementations can provide robust functionality and flexibility for a limited cost.

About Farallon Geographics
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