Want to get hands-on with Arches and play around with editing data and vocabularies, but aren’t yet ready to install the software? Check out our Arches Demonstration Site.  We worked with with the Getty Conservation Institute and the World Monuments Fund to create this demo site to give any user the opportunity to get a hands-on perspective of the Arches v3.0 platform without having to download and install the Open Source Arches software.

Arches demonstration site

Get hands-on with Arches without having to install software

Unregistered users can search the data and explore the map, while registered users (Get a username and password) can add and edit data in the Resource Manager and manage vocabularies in the Reference Data Manager.

The data in this demonstration version of Arches has been assembled from small subsets of cultural heritage data from Los Angeles Historic Resources Inventory (aka HistoricPlacesLA) and archeological data  Valley of the Queens.

Note: since this is a shared online demonstration  version, it will be refreshed on a regular basis and any data added to the system will be overwritten during that process with no means of retrieval. Also, please be aware that any information entered will be viewable by all users of the demonstration system.

What are you waiting for? Try out Arches today! It’s a zero risk way to explore if Arches could be right for your Cultural Resources or Archaeological Heritage projects.

When you’ve had a chance to explore get in touch and let us know what you think.


Valley of Queens - Resource 40

Chamber Tomb, Egypt, New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty, Reign Of Seti