GIS Asset Management Framework

Dynamically visualize spatial relationships among managed assets, work planning and analysis

Use spatial relationships to manage, coordinate and analyze all assets and associated work activities

Maximize the lifespan and performance of important assets while simultaneously minimizing lifecycle operating costs

Asset Management Framework with GIS integration
GIS asset tracking application to monitor water treatment plant assets, manage workflows & enable collaboration.

Our spatially-enabled asset management framework is a modern, user-friendly, open source information system created to help organizations inventory and manage virtually any kind of asset or resource. The framework is ready out-of-the-box and just needs to “plug-in” to your backend GIS, database, mapping technology or workflow. Unique functionality includes semantic ontology, graph database, fast elastic search, mobile data collection, built-in mechanisms to enforce data standards and full GIS / mapping functionality.

Our GIS asset management system combine powerful mapping and spatial analysis with a comprehensive system for organizing information on strategic assets for utilities, energy, government, transportation and many other industries. This includes information about the asset as well as location, proximity, adjacency and history. For example storm water mains repair can be mapped to street traffic and parking restriction signs to determine maintenance scheduling .

Who It’s Designed For

  • Water, treatment, storm & sanitary utilities
  • Gas & electric utilities
  • Streets & highway maintenance, rehabilitation or replacement
  • Building, equipment & facilities maintenance
  • Customer service & work order management

Track Asset Conditions in Space and Time

The framework documents location and extent of resources and assets, tracks their condition through time, and creates tabular and map-based visual reports summarizing important information that can be used to manage informational, service and maintenance work on the right assets at the right time at the correct location. This results in better customer service as well as savings for tight budgets. Our framework has been validated technically and user-tested so customizing your own service on top of it is low risk, lower cost, and faster to deploy.

Key Features of our Geospatial Asset Management Framework:

Comprehensive and Fast

Spatial and temporal management of hundreds of thousands of assets and resources, with ultra-fast Elasticsearch


An uncomplicated, workflow-centric UI built on the latest HTML5 and mobile technologies makes it easy to find and update spatial & attribute information.

Any Device, Any Place.

Responsive, hi-performance interface supports desktops, tablets and phones including field GPS data collection.

Data Validation & User Management

Built-in data validation and quality control mechanisms help you maintain clean, correct data. User-based permissions keep data secure.

Open Source, Open Architecture

Deploy without having to license database, GIS desktop, or GIS Server software.

GIS Agnostic

Real-time integrations with ESRI, Open Source GIS, Google, Bing & other spatial geodatabase backends and data viewing applications.


Framework can be customized to specific data collection, update, monitoring and reporting workflows and services.


Simple system integration between any kind of sensor, engineering, research, accounting or financial system.