About Farallon Geographics

Farallon delivers innovative and engaging geospatial solutions to solve business challenges

Farallon’s Mission

Since our inception in 1997, we’ve worked with inspiring clients on innovative projects to protect people and resources, manage assets, and improve government. Our mission is always the same: intelligently apply geospatial technologies to solve our clients’ government or business challenges.

Farallon’s Values

Farallon fosters an environment of industry leadership, innovation, intellectual curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit, shared knowledge and a sense of ownership. We build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, partners, vendors and employees. We base our success around small, cohesive, and well-managed teams, combined with a clear project management framework and agile approach.

Innovation in the San Francisco Bay Area

Farallon is an employee-owned, State of California-certified small business enterprise located in San Francisco. As a small business, we can provide innovative services with maximum flexibility of approach.

Farallon Geographics Office in San Francisco
Farallon Geographics Office in San Francisco

Farallon Senior Management Team

Dennis Wuthrich

Dennis Wuthrich

CEO and Founder

Dennis Wuthrich is CEO and founder of Farallon with over 20 years of experience and over 200 GIS system integrations. He designs the technology infrastructure, governance, workflow processes and geospatial data models for projects in commercial, state and local government, public safety, homeland security, environmental, natural resources, and international heritage management.

Dennis is a registered geologist and hydrogeologist with a M.S. in Earth Sciences from U.C. Santa Cruz.

Alexei Peters

Alexei Peters

Director of Web Development

Alexei Peters is Farallon’s Director of Web Development. He manages a team of GIS developers that designs, develops and builds client web-based applications. He manages the creation of website logic, layout and functionality, deployment and integration of websites with client database and GIS web software.

Alexei holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Franklin University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Santa Clara University.

Adam Lodge

Adam Lodge

Operations Manager

Adam Lodge is Farallon’s Operations Manager. He has 11 years experience as a Geospatial Systems Consultant with Farallon and 5 years of experience as a GIS Analyst in a municipal setting. His combination of project experience at Farallon and understanding of our clients’ business needs allows him balance resources for ongoing projects and support strategic decision-making on new business opportunities.

Adam holds a BA in Geography from Humboldt State University and a GIS Certificate from San Francisco State University.


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